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Whist 22

2 usd

Try the adfree Whist 22 game !You play it agains 3 AI opponents with Tarot trump cards
Suspense and fun are often here in a Whist 22 game !
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###### PLAYING MODE :- Player score their bet- Players lost 1 point per false bet- Round number- Surviving
+ 3 AI difficulty level allowing beginners and advanced players to have fun
+ Statistics
+ Fold history view
+ Challenge score (computed with your performance on each game)
###### RULES :
Each player has same card number.A round starts with 5 cards.
In the first round, you say a number corresponding to the number of trick you think being able to winLast player to talk is not free : He will not be able a bet allowing every players to win.Example : With 5 cards in the hands, if the fourth other players said a cumulated number of 4, he will not be allowed to say 1.
In the playing phase, you will try to win the number of tricks you previously bet. Rules are easy to understand : You can play the card you want and a card is as strong as its number (21 > 20 >19 > … > 1)
The excuse is the only special card, you can indicate its power when you play it (0 or 22)
When all cards are played, scores are computed.After this, we restart with 4 cards.
At the 1 card round, players show the card to opponents and can’t see it.
When the 1 card round is ended, the dealer change to the next player.